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A Word on Processed Food

As a nutritionist, I know that weight gain is a multifactorial process, involving excess energy intake vs. expenditure, genetic and metabolic differences, emotional dependence on food and other physical and psychological conditions. However, when I’m asked to single out one particular reason – without a doubt it is overconsumption of processed foods 🍟🍕🍭🍬 Processed foods… Continue reading A Word on Processed Food

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Weight Loss Without Dieting

If weight loss is on your 2018 resolution list, but the well-known methods are known to, well, not work (I’m winking here – dieting!), what a girl/boy to do?! It looks like a dead end, but it’s not – if it took you a while to gain the weight, it’ll take just as long, if… Continue reading Weight Loss Without Dieting

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Holidays and weight worries

Airport fair on Thanksgiving Day  Hi guys! Happy Thanksgiving! My traditional celebration takes place in Bethesda, MD, where my brother-in-law lives with his wonderful wife and two daughters. Monica’s turkey is the best tasting bird in the world! She’s got a secret recipe that I haven’t been able to crack, no matter how many times… Continue reading Holidays and weight worries

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How practicing self-care can help reduce non-hunger and emotional eating

Non-hunger eating often (but not always) refers to emotional eating. The type of eating we’d engage in when we are sad, happy, angry, anxious, frustrated, bored, depressed, etc. Its sole purpose is to soothe the emotion if it’s a hard one to handle – like sadness or frustration; or to commemorate it – when we… Continue reading How practicing self-care can help reduce non-hunger and emotional eating

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Does Non-Hunger Eating Cause Weight Gain? Bust the Diet Myth

I remember when I was little, somewhere around middle school age, one of my favorite things on weekends was to wake up early, grab a bag of cookies and a cup of hot tea and read in bed while savoring the treats. I don’t particularly remember being hungry, the cookies just tasted so good, and… Continue reading Does Non-Hunger Eating Cause Weight Gain? Bust the Diet Myth

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Intuitive Eating vs Dieting

  Let’s face it: when it comes to eating, we are either in the dieting state (or the non-dieting state, aka all-out-eating/bingeing) or intuitive eating state (aka normal eating, without counting calories, fats or carbs, just listening to what your body wants and needs and responding accordingly). To see the practical difference, let’s look at… Continue reading Intuitive Eating vs Dieting