Hello, I’m Tatiana. I am a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist and a Certified Nutrition Specialist. I’m passionate about food and it’s incredible ability to heal us physically and emotionally. We often misuse food to fill in some emotional gaps in our lives, or label foods as “good”or “bad”, or develop disordered eating behaviors to manipulate our body size. Food becomes an enemy and is blamed for fattening and sickening us.

Here at Make Sense Nutrition I strive to help people normalize their relationships with food, peel off the layers of misunderstood physical, nutritional and emotional needs, stop obsessing about food and start living the freedom!

I don’t believe in dieting as a means to lose or manage weight. Time and again multitude of scientific studies have proven that 99.5% of people who attempted dieting had regained their weight back, and then some more. In a state of food deprivation and restriction our body eventually fights back and overrides our best intentions and willpower. You did not fail your diet, the diet failed you!

Eating intuitively and honoring your hunger and fullness, listening to what your body asks for – not just with regards to food, but exercise and rest among other needs – are the core principles of living happily and in tune with your body. Recognizing the mind and body connection is necessary to achieve wellness and a healthy relationship with food.

Nutrition that makes sense is the one based on your body’s needs, its internal cues, and is not dictated by external rules like diets. With that said, we should also keep in mind that so much research in the field of nutrition has brought us awareness of how certain foods contain certain nutrients that help fight or prevent disease or maintain a medical conditions. We should know that we can use food to our advantage to create the environment for our health to thrive.

Nutrigenomics is a field of intricate connections between our genes and nutrition, how what we eat can influence our genetic expression. We now understand that while we cannot change the genetic variances we inherit from our ancestors, we can however manipulate their expressions. This is called epigenetics. Nutrition is an important part of the environment we create to ensure that through epigenetic factors we can avoid developing certain diseases by either turning on or silencing certain genes, implicated in them.

Make Sense Nutrition uses the principles of intuitive eating combined with scientific data to provide for the body and mind and make our food choices from the place of mindfulness, awareness and self-care, to be guided by the balanced combination of wants and needs.

Nutrition and healthy living have always been my passion and hobby, and 5 years ago I decided to mend them into a career – to be able to help people achieve their health goals by dietary and lifestyle intervention along with finding piece in the their relationship with food. I graduated from the University of Miami with Master of Science in Nutrition for Health and Human Performance. And now my job is to help you find your path to food freedom, health and vitality.