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How to Start Exercising

I already wrote about far reaching benefits of exercise beyond just weight-loss or maintenance in my previous post. Now I'd like to make some suggestion as to how to actually start working out - we are moving from theory to practical application. The truth about exercise Some people cringe at the idea of exercise -… Continue reading How to Start Exercising

Moving for fun · Self-Care · Weight loss

How much exercise do we really need?

If you are asking this question - first off, congratulations! You are on the right track - making a decision to put on snickers and setting exercise goals is a major step towards becoming more active and healthier overall. The amount of exercise needed Per the Department of Health and Human Services current recommendation is… Continue reading How much exercise do we really need?

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Sports Nutrition – what to eat before and after a work out

Whether you are a professional athlete or a recreational fitness enthusiast – you would achieve better results with proper fueling before the event/work out session and eating for recovery after. Have you ever felt like you’ve hit a wall during a particularly exhaustive endurance exercise, like running or cycling for a while? This phenomenon is… Continue reading Sports Nutrition – what to eat before and after a work out