“Tatiana, I am so excited to tell you my wound care doctor released me today my legs are doing well and I have no wounds. I just want you to know I listen when you give me advice I try to follow your recommendations. I have a long way to go but I just want you to know you have motivated me to eat better, live better, and make better choices when it comes to my health. I really appreciate you for taking the time to answer all my questions and listen to my concerns. I greatly appreciate you and brag about you to everyone!” Angela W.

“Tatiana was not only very knowledgeable but importantly able to adjust her service to my needs and specifically speed of leanring and making changes. Her caring and at the same time very motivating attitude has helped me to reach my goals, and more importantly maintain that newly aquired lifestyle without ever falling back.” Mirja N.

“Tatiana was very knowledgeable in the field of nutrition and how it effects physiological state. Having a medical background myself, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she knew a lot about health and disease and how nutrition fits in it. She’s always available to answer my questions and suggest solutions. I highly recommend her for any Nutrition, weight management and wellness concerns.” Nadezhda B.

“It is amazing what a proper nutrition can achieve. I’m in my mid 40s and for many years I felt tired and unmotivated to do any exercise outdoor activities. Once I met Tatiana for a few sessions, my whole diet changed, tailored to my individual needs. Now I eat more whole foods, organic and appropriate balanced meals, with the right nutrients to keep me going and supplements to improve my condition. Tatiana is right on target, gets you the correct lab work to attack the source and not the side effects as conventional doctors. I’m full of energy now, feel like in my 20s and have a complete different perspective in life and eager to enjoy every moment. Thanks Tatiana for changing my life!” Francisco M.

“Tatiana gave me thorough advice on nutrition (foods to eat and foods to avoid) and what supplements I should take to help lower my blood pressure and alleviate arthritis pain. She was meticulous in explaining the direct and indirect interconnections between food intake and my symptoms. I have followed her recommendations and after some time my blood pressure is more under control now as well as the chronic pain in my joints in particular my hands has diminished since withholding from inflammatory foods. Tatiana is competent, passionate, insightful about nutrition needs for overall health, treats her patients with care and thought. Given the opportunity, she will become an essential team member of any medical, health and/or wellness practice or company.” Milagros C.

“After meeting Tatiana and learning about nutrition personalization, I was able to identify several issues with certain foods that are generally considered healthy, but just didn’t work for me. With her help we eliminated certain foods and added other foods into my diet. I’m now more in tune with my body, listening to its signals. With her guidance I continue tweaking my intake to find the balance. She also gave great tips on children’s nutrition, which is so important for some young picky eaters.” Anastasyia L.

“Tatiana is one of the best if not the best nutritionist I’ve met, what I love more about Tatiana is that she is very educated and up to date on the field. She will help you to understand to eat healthier, to change your food choices for the better and to take care of your special needs and health concerns.” Jessica P.