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“Rapid Weight Loss”

I got you there with the title, didn’t I?!Well, don’t get your hopes up, there isn’t such thing! Or at least there isn’t rapid FAT loss. When you lose weight, it’s not all fat: depending on your weight loss strategy, some of it is fat, and the rest is water and lean mass (muscles). Often when you get off the diet, you’ll notice some weight coming back – mostly from water and some muscle.

So, how come some individuals claim losing 10 lbs in 10 days or something along these lines – isn’t that a rapid weight loss, you’d ask? It is, if you only look as those 10 days. No one ever talks about what happens after. Do they keep the weight off? Is it sustainable? I guarantee you, it is not sustainable and most individuals (99.5%) gain most of the lost pounds back and some even gain more (remember The Biggest Loser show?). The problem is with rigid low-calorie or low single nutrient (like carbs) intake, leaving dieters feeling deprived not only physically, but emotionally and psychologically.

Another problem is that dieters fail to set up SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. Particularly the A and T aspects – most look at weight loss as a short-term endeavor, looking to achieve the most results in the shortest time period, the victims of instant gratification. Unfortunately, this approach is set-up for failure as our bodies are not some mechanical programmable machines, but rather incredibly intelligent sensitive and responsive creatures, designed to serve and protect us from any harm, even the types we do not preserve as such (like fad diets and rapid weight loss).

In order to successfully lose weight and maintain it, one has to

·        give herself reasonable amount of time (years if needed!)

·        design a detailed plan and actions

·        pencil in life events such as birthday parties, illnesses, holidays and travel that would impact weight loss efforts

·        consider her food preferences and dislikes and ensure to treat herself with moderate amount of treats when needed

·        learn to eat mindfully and recognize and respond to true physical hunger and satiety

·        employ strategies to deal with emotional hunger with tools other than food

·        find the right exercise routine that is enjoyable

Weight loss should be looked at as a long-term life style modification, requiring development of new helpful habits and replacement of old ones. If you are starting on this journey, make sure to answer the following questions, write your answers down in your journal and come back to them as your motivation to keep going and achieve your weight loss goals:

·        Why do I want to lose weight?

·        What is my personal reason for it?

·        How will my life change after I lose the weight?

·        How will my health change after I lose the weight?


Stay well, my friends!

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