Our weight-loss attempts often fail because they are not coming form a place of self-care and self-love.

They are usually a way to punish ourselves for not being good enough in our current state (weight).

What do we do to change that attitude and find internal power and motivation to get thinner?

Here are the steps:

🍑first have a self-talk to find out true reasons you really want to lose weight – is it for you personally or for you partner/spouse? Are you doing it feel more comfortable among your peers? Are you doing it cuz you want to feel accepted/loved/fitting in/“normal”? – if the answer is YES (be honest, you are talking to yourself!), than you are doing it as a punishment for not being who “they” want you to be. Stop right here and imagine yourself as a little girl/boy who needs love and care! That child will so benefit from gentle life-style modifications to reach health, vitality and weight loss she/he deserves! Why don’t you take charge of providing for this child and making sure she/he is getting enough love, healthy food and emotional support? Show your inner child that that you are their for her!

🍑once real reasons and goals are established, your internal motivation will take charge. It’s like growing wings – you feel so empowered! You stick to your plan, and when you don’t – you won’t punish or judge yourself, it’s a normal hiccup that passes and you are back on track.

🍑now you are driven by the power of your love and care for yourself. Following a meal plan is no longer a drag – it’s a way of showing your body respect and teaching it not to rely on food for all non-hunger reasons (stress, loneliness, anxiety, boredom).

🍑your physical body is in sync with your mind – and at this point it’s helping you to achieve your weight-loss goal, not trying to sabotage your efforts by sending craving or signals to eat foods you are trying to limit.

Clear out the noise and you will find true nature of your desires. Pull yourself out of your misery and find power within.

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