One of the ways to practice self-care is to ensure you surround yourself with quality. 

Would you rather spend a lot of money💰 on a lot of crappy clothes or pay the same money for a few high quality pieces🎎 that look expensive, are stylish and last long?

Would you rather go out every night to a cheap pretend-Italian restaurant to eat some mushy pasta 🍝 or go once a week to an authentic place, where they use organic quality ingredients and make their pasta in house to deliver a mouth-bursting al dente experience?

Evaluate your life and habits – is there quality? Do you love yourself enough to bring more quality into your life? Is there room for quality food to feed your body and soul? 🥑

#quality #food #qualityfood #eatclean #cleaneating #weightloss #diet #nutrition #nutritionist #mindfuleating #mindfulness #selfcare #loveyourself 

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