I’m traveling for work, and it’s cold outside, my hotel room is quiet and lonely, I feel misplaced without my coffee mug, my daughter’s sleepy face, my house smell… I feel empty… not in my stomach – but in my heart. ❤️

And thought I am not an emotional eater… I kind of am – cuz right now, with all the cold and emptiness I just need a cookie. A cookie to warm up my soul, to lift up my spirit and brighten up my pallet. A cookie with a side of a hot tea that’s so soothing, no spa can do it better.

I make a conscious decision to go downstairs and buy a good-looking “kitchen sink” cookie 🍪, promising a temporary relief and numbness. I eat it mindfully, savoring every tiny bite and tasting all the mixed flavors – there’s a pecan and a pretzel, a touch of salt and caramel, even an Oreo outer shell on the outside. Such a flavor concoction! I give it all my attention, I stare at it as if it was a world wonder, I suck on it like it’s the last one.

My heart, my pallet and soul are in sync. My tummy feels warm. My mind is satiated. This cookie will last for weeks. It’s an experience that leaves a mark, a food with a true meaning. I gave in to a craving that made a positive impact. I connected with my body and mind and treated them with respect and nurture. I’m convinced it won’t leave a mark on my insulin sensitivity or weight. I’m in tune with myself and I live a mindful life. Amen… Love cookies 🤫

#cookies #selfcare #lovetoeat #diet #weightloss

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