Fat Loss Timeline

The reality of weight loss timeline
How soon should you expect your weight to start dropping? 

Here’s a typical scenario: 2 weeks before someone’s wedding (or even yours!)/X-mas/Summer/fill-in-the-blank you decide to drop 5/10/15/fill-in-the-blank pounds. You go on a keto/atkins/cabbage-soup/fill-in-the-blank diet. How much can you lose? The bigger question is – will you keep it off? Unlikely so.

Your body needs time to adapt to changes in diet and physical activity. It will actually resist changes at the beginning, humans are designed this way – it’s easier for us to gain weight than to lose it. Don’t expect to start losing fat the very next day. Although you might start losing water if your carb intake is significantly lower than before (every gram of carbs in the body is stored with 3 grams of water). Your metabolism is learning to switch energy sources from mostly glucose (carbs=sugars) to a combination of your stored fat and carbs and even proteins. Yes, our body can and does use protein for energy through a process called gluconeogenesis. That’s why it’s very important to have a well-planned and macro-balanced eating plan for weight loss, so you don’t end up burning up your muscles and losing lean body mass.

Do not expect major changes in your body weight and measurements within the first 2-4 weeks of your new diet and lifestyle. But don’t get discouraged.
My recommendation is to first work on the mental shift: you should not be after a quick fix to only see yourself fall off the wagon after a couple weeks, binge cuz you’ve been starving and gain everything back and maybe some more. You should focus on lifestyle changes towards healthier eating, less stress, more movement, sustainable weight loss and improved health. If you decide to start doing something today to be healthier and slimmer, you will start seeing results of improved wellbeing and dropping weight.
Weight loss is not linear – you have to account for hormonal changes, water retention, holidays and cheat meals, varying exercise and physical activity load and even your bathroom regularity.

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