What I Eat in a Day 🥞🥗🍗

Lately I’m taking action to slim down and get to MY personal happy weight/shape 😁

so I’ve been eating less than usual mostly by cutting out snacks, processed crap and lowering carbs.

My other trick is MINDFUL EATING 🍽

Before putting anything in my mouth 👄 I ask myself – WHY?

Am I hungry? Stressed? Emotional? Bored?

So I only eat when I’m hungry, which naturally eliminates snacking. If I’m hungry between meals, that could mean one or more of the following 3️⃣ reasons:

♦️ I did not eat enough/balanced at previous meal (this often happens with breakfast)

♦️ I’ve been working out more/expending more energy in other ways (running around like a crazy chicken 🐓)

♦️ I’m PMSing, and my fellow ladies would know how that goes. Our metabolism actually does speed up in the 2nd phase of the cycle, by 100-300 cals, its individual (not by 1000 cal – so your 2 slices of cake and a serving of chicken wings are not justified 😜)

🍒 Breakfast: pancakes and coffee (o later figured that wasn’t enough, eggs and spinach with lo told do it better for me)

🍒 Lunch: roasted chicken breast, white beans, spinach and green beans topped with olive oil, truffle salt and Dijon mustard (I’m addicted to Dijon 😱)

🍒 Dinner: seared salmon, baked sweet potato fries, arugula salad with cherry tomatoes, lemon juice and olive oil. I might’ve come back for more fries… and salad… 🥗 😉

With food I need variety, can’t eat the same every day. I also listen to my body and don’t deny it food. I learn from my experiences and correct mistakes as I go (like my breakfast – tomorrow eggs for sure 😅)

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