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What’s your ideal weight?

Ideal weight - is it even a thing?! I don't quite agree with it, mine is such and such and my friend's, who's my age/height - 10-15 pounds different and we both look fine (or even great 🙂 Here's a quick reference guide, based on current measurements and methods: BMI - Body Mass Index, which… Continue reading What’s your ideal weight?



Our weight-loss attempts often fail because they are not coming form a place of self-care and self-love. They are usually a way to punish ourselves for not being good enough in our current state (weight). What do we do to change that attitude and find internal power and motivation to get thinner? Here are the… Continue reading WEIGHTLOSS MOTIVATION


Fat Loss Timeline

The reality of weight loss timeline How soon should you expect your weight to start dropping?  Here’s a typical scenario: 2 weeks before someone’s wedding (or even yours!)/X-mas/Summer/fill-in-the-blank you decide to drop 5/10/15/fill-in-the-blank pounds. You go on a keto/atkins/cabbage-soup/fill-in-the-blank diet. How much can you lose? The bigger question is - will you keep it off?… Continue reading Fat Loss Timeline