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“Make Sense Nutrition” is our new name

Hi all!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, mine was wonderful – with lots of yummy foods, wine, precious family time, jogging, sitting by the fire outside in 30 F, cracking jokes and just relaxing.


I have realized that calling my site and all of my operation here Larionova Nutrition does not really reflect the ideas I’m conveying. Something funny actually happened: I gave my brand new business card to the office manager Patty at the office and she goes “Whats this first word?”, trying to pronounce Larionova, “My last name” I sighted, we ended up laughing so hard. But jokes aside, this incident gave me in insight as to how important it is to use an appropriate name. Using my last name has some shortcomings, and therefore I’ve decided to change the name into Make Sense Nutrition.

The new identity does not change the core believes, however, which are based on intuitive eating, health at every size and embracing the non-diet approach to living. Nutrition that makes sense is the one that is built on the premises of self-care – as much emotional as physical. Nutrition that makes sense uses mindfulness and awareness to make food choices. It cultivates self-love and acknowledges ones needs, and uses those foundations to ensure the body and the mind get what they need – be it food, rest or exercise, work or play time. When nutrition makes sense, we eat a variety of foods, mostly wholesome and real. We do not deny ourselves any foods, but with time we notice that we gravitate towards the foods that, well, make sense nutritionally – they deliver the nutrients that our bodies need to thrive.


Nutrition that makes sense reflects the big picture, not a single meal or a week of meals. We don’t always have access to whole real foods. We travel and go out, we celebrate holidays and deal with stresses. So, instead of adding yet another stress to our life in a form of a diet or a particular way of eating, that we can’t maintain 100% of the time, we should just take it easy, cuz we know that uncertainties are temporary, and our bodies are able to balance themselves back into what makes sense to them.


Finally, nutrition that makes sense is the one based on your body’s needs, its internal cues, and is not dictated by external rules like diets. With that said, we should also keep in mind that so much research in the field of nutrition has brought us awareness of how certain foods contain certain nutrients that help fight or prevent disease or maintain a medical conditions. We should know that we can use food to our advantage to create the environment for our health to thrive.

Nutrigenomics is a field of intricate connections between our genes and nutrition, how what we eat can influence our genetic expression. We now understand that while we cannot change the genetic variances we inherit from our ancestors, we can however manipulate their expressions. This is called epigenetics. Nutrition is an important part of the environment we create to ensure that through epigenetic factors we can avoid developing certain diseases by either turning on or silencing certain genes, implicated in them.

Make Sense Nutrition uses the principles of intuitive eating combined with scientific data to provide for the body and mind and make our food choices from the place of mindfulness, awareness and self-care, to be guided by the balanced combination of wants and needs.



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