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Holidays and weight worries

Airport fair on Thanksgiving Day 

Hi guys! Happy Thanksgiving! My traditional celebration takes place in Bethesda, MD, where my brother-in-law lives with his wonderful wife and two daughters. Monica’s turkey is the best tasting bird in the world! She’s got a secret recipe that I haven’t been able to crack, no matter how many times I fill her wine glass, she’s a tough one 😂.

For most of us, heading into the holiday season is exciting, and for some of us it’s intimidating. It used to be for me – when diets would dictate what to eat from the festive tables of the most delightful foods (most I would never touch, cuz they used to have moral tags attached to them – the “bad”, “fattening” foods). But it’s all different now. As I’ve come to realize that food is just food, and I eat in a way to show my body love and care, feeding it what it needs and wants. Now holidays are exciting for me too. Another realization that came with it is that athanksgiving meal is one of my favorite. I just have a taste for cooked, hearty meals. And when surrounds by people we love and care, the food get to take on a nice and cozy appeal to it too.

I can’t stress it enough – eat your Thanksgiving meal! The way you would really want to! Don’t worry about the calories, fats and carbs. Trust your body telling you how much to eat and adjust it’s needs afterwards. I guarantee you, you won’t be as hungry tomorrow, because your body has a natural gauge in protecting its set point, it will ensure you bounce back to energy balance within the next few days. 

Once you give yourself full permission to eat everything whenever you want – the craziness and out-of-control feeling you might sometimes get around food, dissipates. No more “all-or-nothing” dichotomous thinking, no more stuffing yourself with pie till you burst. No more judging others for eating the way they eat. Just being normal, intuitive and mindful of your body eater. 

My dinner hasn’t started yet. Will post updates with the pics of the meal. Hope you all enjoy your food! 😘😘😘

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